Daily Grind

Do your dailies! But I’m leveling That’s no excuse!! Do your dailies! Yesterday, while I was 72 I did 4 dailies, they each gave me ~10g and 20k xp. Yes. 20k. This morning at level 73 I did the Isle dailies. The quests from the first two buildings gave 8.5k per quest. The quests from the last building and the…

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Fear the wrath of Neelshok!!

It turns out I’m totally out of practice with leveling. I keep getting full bags.. or noticing that I’m running out of shards (I’ve resolved to use Spellstones and Soulstone myself constantly). And what’s the deal with picking up 8 different kinds of food? My bags over floweth with 1-2 pieces of “stuff you eat”. I’m a warlock FFS.. I…

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