Warlock Power Auras

The addon Power Auras helps you to notice when things happen. It will show a symbol (or text) on your screen/make a sound when you/your party/your opponent/your focus does/does not have a buff/debuff.

A full review of the addon is here. Please visit that post for more information about how Power Auras works and how to setup auras.

My theory of Power Auras is that I want as little as possible to be on my screen. Most of my auras are setup so that if I do “the right thing” the aura will go away. If it’s on my screen I should be doing something to get rid of it.

Below is an export of some of my auras. To use these you’ll need to copy the text and “import” it into Power Auras. For some of the complex auras you may need to fiddle with the settings to get all the dependent auras setup correctly.

Unending Breath (if I’m underwater and the symbol goes away I notice before I drown)

Fel Armor/Demon Armor (if the green shows up, put up armor to get rid of it)

Flask/Elixir (drink a flask to make the lines under my character go away)

If a mob has “spell reflect” up. Stop casting at them. This shows a red warning face thingie in the middle of your screen when the mob you’re targeting has one of the following spells up:
Spell Reflection (warrior)
Magic Reflection (Cast by Azure Raider in The Violet Hold)
Shroud of Runes (Cast by Soulguard Watchman in The Forge of Souls)
Adherent’s Determination (Cast by Cult Adherent in ICC)
Shroud of the Occult (Cast by Cult Adherent in ICC)
Elementium Bulwark (Cast by Ozruk in Stonecore)
Absorb Magic (Cast by Mindbender in Throne of Tides)

Health is at 100% (this aura is toggled off and only used as logic for other auras)

Mana is at 76% (complex aura, dependant on Health at 100% and Life tap buff. You’ll need both of those other buffs and you’ll need to update this one with the correct buff numbers for it to work properly)(shows a blue circle is my mana is low, my health is high and if I don’t have the life tap buff. Reminder to life tap)

Shadow Trance proc (shows a purple symbol to let me know that I have a free shadow bolt for a few seconds) (I turned this off and now just use the in-game power aura)

Haunt is off of cooldown (causes and audible ding when haunt comes off cooldown)

When target’s health is below 24% (show’s purple symbol to remind me that I should be using Drain Soul)

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