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Highest weight ever: 345.0 (11/13/2013)
Total lost (to date): 84.9 lbs
Last weigh in: 260.1 9/26/2017

2017: ... (314.2-???)
2016: +19.6 lbs(294.6-314.2)
2015:+9.2 lbs (285.4-294.6)
2014: -25.0 lbs (310.4-285.4)
2013: -4.6 lbs (315.0-310.4)
2012: +33.6 lbs (281.4-315.0)
2011: -5.6 lbs (287-281.4)
2010: -31.0 lbs (318-287)
March 18th, 2016

Friday Five – Prodigal blogger returns

What? I was busy.

1. Work
Work is going really well. I’m neck deep in learning all about AMP (it’s what HTML wanted to be before it became bloated and slow). This should keep me busy for a while.

My boss informed me yesterday that our merit increases which normally happen in April will now be happening in October. She says that TPTB mote it so. They also say that the final increase will be increased to account for the additional 6 months slip. I’ll hold my breath. I understand the reasoning, our Q3/Q4 are more profitable than Q1/Q2 so I’m sure the books read better with merit increases later in the year, but still. Meh.

2. Home/Erik
Whoa.. ok, lots to report. After a while the folks we were renting the old house from came back to us and told us the owner’s ex-wife had a lien against the property and she was requiring them to sell the house through a realtor. They listed the house at $450k. That’s about 100k outside our price range. So we told them there was no way we could buy the house.

We were under a 1 year lease with them($1800/mo 4br/2.5ba). With the 1 year expiring in March 2016. The landlords offered us “cash-for-keys” of $8k to break the lease and move out of the house before the end of the lease period.

We looked around Santa Rosa. It looks like 3br places there had jumped inprice and were now renting for $2100/mo. Figuring if we’re going to be paying that much anyway, it might as well be for a place we buy. We started looking around for a place to buy. On a lark I checked into the commute time from Sacramento to SF. I am 90% work at home but 1 day every other week I commute into our office in San Francisco. Including the drive to the train, moving to Sacramento was going to increase my commute from 2 hrs each way to 3 hrs each way. BUT housing prices in Sacramento were a lot more reasonable.

On the weekend of October Crown we drove to Sacramento early on Friday, met with a realtor and viewed 5 houses. None of those were perfect but a few were nice. Saturday we attended Crown all day (more on that later). We did get a message from the realtors raving about a property we should go see on Sunday. On Sunday morning we drove down to the property to peek in the windows (the realtors had church and said they wouldn’t be able to meet us).

The house was super cute from the curb. We contacted the realtors to ask if it would be ok for us to walk into the back yard to look at the house closer. The realtors offered to skip church to meet us at the property.

The house is fantastic. It has 4 bedrooms, 2 bath, a pool, gazebo, garden. It was listed at $359,200 and had been on the market for less than a week. We offered them $345k and they accepted it within an hour. So we spent October and the first part of November in escrow.

Oh, the cash-for-keys from the previous landlords.. they only paid half of that. The house ended up selling for $452k so by my calculations they made 6k more than they would have made if they’d just sold it to us at $377k w/o realtors involved. THAT SAID: the house ended up have $45k work of rot and pest damage.. so I’m glad we had to take a pass. I hope the previous landlords get everything they deserve.

We’ve now been in the new house for about 4 months. Erik’s sleep schedule is back on track (I can put him to bed, bid him good night and then walk away). He’s also started potty training. He will pee in the toilet but not poop and we still have the occasional accident. It’s a work in progress.

He’s still not talking. That’s also a work in progress.

3. Health
Weight held steady right up until the move/couch surfing/holidays. At the moment I’m up 9 lbs from my “normal” weight. Just this week we started the CrazyStupidDiet. We’ll see how that works out.

4. SCA/Projects
At October Crown I swore fealty and became man-at-arts to Master Leo Diogenes. After the ceremony, while the ink was still wet on our fealty document, as I turned to Their Majestic to thank Them for attending the ceremony They invited me to join the Laurel. I was stunned.

By the gracious permission of Their Majesties and Their Highnesses I will be having my Laurel ceremony at Golden Beltane. Yes, that’s 7 months after the offer.

I have never wanted to be a person who has my peerage ceremony at 12th night (the first obvious time to have it). Add to that, I knew that we were in the middle of packing up everything we owned, buying a house, and moving to a new house. Having done the same thing in just 7 months earlier I knew that even once we were back int he house it would take a while to get Erik back on a reasonable sleep schedule and to get my sewing room up and running. Also I have family who play in the SCA and live in Artemesia(Montana). If they were going to be coming to our kingdom for my ceremony I knew that 12th night would be too close to Christmas.. and if they were going to be camping then I wanted it to be for longer than a weekend. So, although the length seems protracted.. I’m extraordinarily pleased that both Their then Majesties, Miles and Arela, and their now Majesties, Marc and Patrica, agreed to the timing.

new_kirtleIn the meantime, I’ve finally had time to finish my new kirtle pattern and make it into a new dress. Gory details listed here.

Now I just need to finish the rest of the outfit and I’m golden.

Project list:
1. Finish sleeves for new Kirtle
2. white linen partlet (need to document)
3. black velvet frontlet, cap and veil getup (want to develop this out further and need to document)
4. lined 1488-1503 overdress

1. New tunic for Erik
2. Gift for Killian’s knighting
3. New fighting tunic for Fearghus
4. Medium sized tunic for our loaner garb
5. Fix sleeves on F hemd

No Pennsic for us this year. I’ve rearranged finances so hopefully we’ll be able to go next year.

March 25: March Crown, Hotelling
April 16: Golden Rivers Championship
April 29-May 8: Golden Beltane


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