Diary, What were they thinking?

Turning blue

Good thing I didn’t hold my breath. Without going into details, after a whole lot of back and forth in which I spoke to my realtor, Mr. O’s realtor, the county sheriff and a lawyer… Mr. O’s realtor agreed that Mr. O and family would be completely out by Saturday midnight and that Mr. O’s realtor would meet us at the property and give us a key at 9:30 AM on Sunday. So here it is, I have the keys. It’s officially my house. It still doesn’t feel real.

We walked through the house. They took the fridge, washer, dryer and all of the curtain hardware. They weren’t supposed to take the curtain hardware. Mr. O’s realtor told us to buy new hardware and sent a bill to her office (what a PITA).
There’s a -ton- of big ass screw holes all over the house. *sigh*
Whoever patched the walls in the past should be shot… twice. I’ve never seen such pathetic work. I mean geez, where’s pride in a job well done? These patches look like they were done in the dark by a monkey. And don’t get me started about the paint!… There’s random colors applied to random places (who paints just the edges of doors mustard yellow? What’s that about?) and some of it is just badly done.. no cutting in, old paint color showing through, sloppy paint drips and scuffs. Much cosmetic stuff to do. Blegh!
The siding on the house is in worse shape than I thought. I knew that was going to need to be replaced.. but I just don’t know how soon. Vinyl is bad. Poorly installed vinyl is evil.
The city of San Pablo requires houses older than 10 years to pass a city inspection before they can be sold. Three of the windows in the bedrooms were replaced at some point. I think Mr. O did it. It turns out, whoever installed the windows didn’t get a permit. The “new” windows look like they are about 8 inches shorter than the old windows. Whoever installed the new windows “patched” the siding below the windows. It looks very bad. That siding is minty green, the rest of the siding is grey/beige. This was on my list of things to fix.. but it turns out, in order to pass the city inspection, Mr. O is going to have to re-install windows that are the same size as the originals. This is a good thing in that it will eliminate one of the exterior eyesores. It’s a bad thing in that the selling realtor was very vague on the details of who was doing the installation, when they’re installing it or what they’re installing. I’m hoping for the best.. but at least the minty green will be gone.
So on Sunday afternoon we went to Sears and bought a fridge, washer and dryer (~$2650). I was too tired to go window hardware shopping (the feast on Saturday was hard work). All the appliances are supposed to be delivered on Tuesday.
Despite the ton of work that needs to be done, we’re moving in on Saturday. With the Holidays and the rent on the current house running out there just isn’t any other time to move. Besides, if we waited for all the projects to be done we’d never move in. Is a house ever -really- done?

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