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If it’s not one thing…

This is precisely why I wanted the POs out sooner rather than later.
Today the new fridge, washer and dryer were delivered. (YEAH!). Marc met the Sears delivery folks. The washer went in like a dream. Marc has already run a load through the washer. He’s thrilled with it. I think that’s the only thrilling thing about today.

The current plug for the dryer is a range plug.. and is all wrong for the new dryer. That’ll need to be replaced. No drying until that’s fixed.
The water line for the fridge isn’t setup right. Not sure what to do about that. So until we get that fixed, no water/ice from the new fridge.
We carefully measured the opening for the fridge. It ranged from 32.5 inches to 33 inches (ranged because of the <sarcasm>high degree of craftsmanship</sarcasm> evident in the kitchen). So we bought the new fridge. It’s 32.5 inches wide. Exactly. This means that the only way to get it into the opening was to either force it (scratching the side panel), tear out a wall (a little too drastic for my taste on our second day in the house) or remove a cabinet (not too drastic but still causing anxiety). Marc removed the cabinet between the fridge and stove. It seems the least painful temporary measure.
The whole kitchen is a study in “what else can we do to mess this up?”. There’s paint drips from the repaint of the walls on the cabinet fronts. There’s black caulk smeared 1-2 inches around the connection between the counter and the walls. There’s red stain (from where Mr. O stained the cabinets) dabbed onto the kitchen walls. It just looks messy and small. I hate it. I’m willing to live with it for a while. But I’m going to continue to hate it.
On a happier note, Marc says that it’s finally struck him that this is our house and we can do whatever we want to it (within reason anyway). I hope this strikes me soon. It still feels unreal. I think it won’t feel real to me until we move in. Yeah Saturday.
We finally talked with Mr. O’s realtor about the windows and the electrical work. Well, actually I talked with her office, she’s not in today but I was still able to get some information.
The window openings are a “weird size” so they had to special order the windows. When these arrive we’ll have to schedule their installation.
When we agreed to buy the house it had a 90 amp panel on it. The city of San Pablo demanded that the seller install a shiny new 125 amp panel. This still isn’t connected. Mr. O’s realtor’s office said they were waiting for PG&E to do the reconnect and that I could get an ETA from them. PG&E says that we passed electrical inspection on 12/9 (who knew?) and that a PG&E installer would drop by for a “field inspection”. After that they’d schedule the change over. The gal on the phone said that we were looking at 30-40 work days before this would happen.
I’m not too upset about it. We have electricity. We’re not popping fuses (yet). I think it’ll be fine.
I’ll call Mr. O’s realtor tomorrow and find out when they expect the rest of the electrical work to be done (fix plug in livingroom, remove knob and tube wiring run from the house to the garage). When the electrician is there for these things we want to also get the dryer plug changed.
Ah, I was wrong, there was one more thrilling thing about today. Marc removed the old front/back door knobs and installed all new ones. Now they all match and are all on the same keys. Keys that only -we- have. I find this thrilling.

2 thoughts on “If it’s not one thing…

  1. Yikes – just wondering where your realtor was during all of this? Shouldn’t they be doing some of the phone work for your….earning their commission and all?
    Congrats on surviving the messiest house purchase that I have read about in a while 🙂 Although closing on my first house took 5 hours (they had printed the wrong zip code on every piece of paper involved). The pain eventually fades.
    New appliances….some new paint….pretty soon you will be liking your house a lot. From the photos, it looks to have plenty of potential!! Good luck!!

  2. Although I followed up with the sheriff and a lawyer, it was actually our realtor who was calling their realtor and doing all the threatening that eventually got Mr. O and family moved out. Our realtor at least was doing his job. Mr. O’s realtor.. there’s some question there.

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