Holiday Hub-Bub

Whirlwind tour of Montana. Christmas, uncle’s birthday, New Years, aunt’s wedding. I definately OD’d on family time. Sometimes it nice to be near family.. sometimes it’s nice to go back to California where most of the family is several hundred miles away. We spotted 211 deer in one 2 hour car ride. Marc’s planning to go back next year during hunting season.
My parents are building a lovely victorian house down by the Yellowstone river (I’m trying to get them to start a blog.. we’ll see how that goes). I have house envy. *sigh*. They don’t have to deal with “what were they thinking” or “Yet another thing they hid from us”. It must be nice.
Came back to the house. Half tempted to start calling it “The Pit”.

On the day we flew out to MT we had the PG&E guy and Anthony #2 in the house.
The PG&E guy was in to re-light the furnace pilot light. He crawled under the house and then said that the pilot was lit but the burners weren’t firing. He cleaned something off and we had heat (glorious man-made heat). According to our house/dog-sitter, this lasted for about 2-3 days. Then, no heat. I called the home warranty guys this morning and they’re sending a contractor to look at it tomorrow.
Anthony #2 (works for the same plumbing company as Anthony #1 but much more experience) was in to fix the problems Anthony #1 created.
After Anthony #1 left I noticed that the bathtub faucet was dripping. I figured, “not too bad, I’ll wait and call them when we get back from vacation”. The next day I was in the kitchen and I tried to get water from the fridge. No water coming out of the fridge. So I tried to get cold water from the kitchen sink. The kitchen sink would make hot water.. but no cold water. I thought “AHHH! This is bad”. I had visions of burst cold-water pipes under the house flooding our crawlspace. So we called the plumbing company and they promised to send someone to fix it within the hour. Enter Anthony #2.
Anthony #2 asked if Anthony #1 had checked any of his work before he left. Not a good sign. Anthony #2 worked for several hours.. then as he was starting to call in reinforcements we told him we had to leave to catch a plane. He’s not allowed to work with no one there. So work stopped. He did say that he didn’t see anything leaking and burst below the house. Anthony #2 set an appointment with our house/dog-sitter on Thursday to finish fixing the problems. House/Dog-sitter reports that Eric showed up to finish fixing the problems. Since Eric is yet another plumber, he didn’t know what problems had been created by Anthony#1 nor was he as up-to-date as Anthony #2. House/Dog-sitter didn’t know exactly what problems he’d been called in for so no work was accomplished. Marc called the plumbing company this morning and got an appointment with Anthony #2 to come in and finish fixing the problems.
When we returned our house/dog-sitter also reported that our kitchen had been swarmed by ants. There are frozen little ant carcases in the freezer. Not good since we’d been treated for ants 2-3 days before we left. I called the Pest guys. They’ll be back out on Thursday.
So when we returned from Montana we had no heat, ants in the kitchen and no cold water in the kitchen. It’s almost like we never left.
On the plus side, I had a scaldingly hot shower this morning. It was heaven. Almost made me forget all the rest. Until I stepped out into the frosty cold house. *brrrr*

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