Transitioning from livable to comfortable

At last I think we’re making progress (or at least back up to the level I hoped to be at when we moved into the house)

  • We have heat coming out of Humphrey*
  • We have both hot and cold running water in the kitchen
  • We have both hot and cold running water in the bathroom (scaldingly hot showers are heavensent)
  • We don’t have ants (or at least we’re no longer being swarmed)
  • The fridge is putting out both ice and filtered water**

Now we can move on to the stuff to make the house comfortable as well as livable. The only “make it liveable” project outstanding is to fix the garage roof. It leaks abysmally.
Oh, that and we actually have to finish moving in. We’re neck deep in boxes at the moment. Too much stuff.. not enough storage.

*I read on another blog that if you name your furnace you have a better relationship with it. Humphrey lives in our living room and takes up half of the north wall. He tick, booms and hisses at us. He’s fussy, noisy and in general reminds me of a grumpy old man. Humphrey seems to be the most appropriate name.
**After the kitchen water fiasco we figured that rust had clogged up the fridge’s ice/water mechanism. Marc met with the Sears guy and after looking over the situation the Sears guy declared that the fridge/freezer was set too cold. I didn’t set it, Marc didn’t set it… but somehow the fridge and freezer were set to “7” where the factory recommendation is “4”. It turns out that the frosty setting on the freezer caused the water/ice lines to freeze over. Marc turned the fridge down to “4” and we’re now getting both ice and water from the fridge.
Priority projects:

  • Bathroom remodel
  • Fix garage roof and sheetrock
  • Add backyard workshop
  • Refinish bedrooms and add closets
  • Kitchen/laundry remodel

On Thursday Rolf, our contractor and Marc’s Knight, came down to review the changes we want to make to the house. He says it looks like it’s good to go. We will need to submit plans and apply for the permits but everything looks doable.
Marc checked with the city and they recommended having the plans created by a designer familiar with the city of San Pablo’s codes. We’re waiting on a call back from a designer so we can get started.
It looks like the bathroom remodel is going to be about $1300 for the plan approval and the permits. I can’t wait to get started.

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