Turns out I spoke too soon. We still have ants swarming the kitchen. Marc’s called the pest company -again- this morning. Hopefully they can treat for ants soon. We are madly trying to move out of the rental and can’t just hang around the house waiting for the pest company to show up. (Edit: Marc says they’ll be out within the hour.. so they’ll be able to treat the ants today. YEAH!)
I think we’ll be finished moving out of the rental tonight. Well, to be completely exact, I think we’ll have all of our belongings out of the rental tonight. We’re still patching nail holes, painting and a little bit of repair, but we’re almost done. I’m turning the keys over to the landlord on Saturday morning at 9:30. So we better be done soon.

As part of the closing, the POs were required to clear the city report and the pest report. Part of clearing the city report required them to install four windows (3 to replace the bedroom windows that had been replaced with smaller windows, and 1 to install safety glass in the bathtub) and upgrade the electrical panel from 90 amps to 125 amps. To do this work the PO hired “Fernando”.
At sometime before we closed on the house, Fernando installed the new 125 amp panel on the side of the house. This is right next to the old 90 amp box. It passed the city’s electrical inspection but when PG&E came out they wouldn’t cut-over the service because the new box is too close to the gas hookup.
About 3 days before we left for vacation I was working at home and I heard someone out in my side yard. I peeked my head out the door and saw Fernando and crew poking at the electrical box. I introduced myself and was told by Fernando that Mr. O, the owner of the house, had told Fernando that the house was “empty” and would be empty for the next month and that Fernando and crew could come over and finish their work whenever. It took a while to explain to Fernando that Mr. O was now the -previous- owner and that I was now the owner.. and that Mr. O had no authority to allow Fernando to do work on my house, and no, the house wasn’t empty. Finally Fernando agreed that we should call him after we returned from vacation to schedule his work.
This morning I finally got a hold of Fernando. He says depending on weather, he’ll plan to be out next week to fix the electrical and install the windows. (YEAH)

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