Struck down by the plague

Yes.. we are down.. and mostly wiped-out. The plague is here and it’s not pretty. The only thing I hate worse than being sick is being sick over a three-day weekend. A whole weekend wasted. Blegh.
We’re slowly making progress though. Marc arranged for designers to visit with us on Monday and Tuesday. The guy on Monday was named “Anthony”. I think we’re going to go with him (not just because he’s named Anthony). The second designer was an older guy… he never really talked to me. It reminded me of the first time I bought a car. I was buying but the salesperson was selling to my Dad. In this case, the designer was selling to Marc. Marc says that at one point while I was out of the room the designer asked Marc if I was on the papers for the house. Funny thing to ask.. especially when I’m the -only- name on the papers. Blegh. Hopefully I’m this crabby because of the plague.

Everytime we talk to someone the estimate for the changes jumps by $2000. I swear I just want to stop talking to people.
$2000 for actual changes to bathroom
$2000 for permits/inspections
$2000 for design
$2000 for survey to figure out where shop can be placed
I’m fast running out of money on a project we haven’t even started.

2 thoughts on “Struck down by the plague

  1. Ahhh! The plague. Aren’t you supposed to paint a red cross on you door for that?
    For a mere $2000 I’ll show you how to remove it in a week or two, if you survive that is….

  2. I had the same experience buying my first car. Handed the sales guy my check and he wrote the title out to my dad. Thankfully, my dad made him go back and redo it. What is with those men? I don’t get it….and they don’t get my business 😉 Hope you feel better soon!

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