Bathroom Remodel

Anthony’s coming on Friday morning to take measurements for our design. My number one goal is the bathroom remodel.
As part of the pest report we were given $2000 to fix the bathroom floor. The toilet has leaked for a while and has caused wood rot. Rather than actually fix this, Mr. O put down new tile. So now we have to pull up the tile and fix the underlayment.
Since we were in there anyway we decided to go through with the rest of the changes at the same time.
Here’s the bathroom layout now:
Marc says he can’t stand in front of the toilet and pee into the toilet. The bathroom is the most awkward room in the house so it’s highest on the list of things to fix.

Here’s the new plan
– change bedroom closet into smaller linen closet with door into hallway instead of into bedroom
– move vanity/light/medicine cabinet into now-empty space (possibly also get bigger vanity, new light fixture and new tub hardware)
– replace bathroom galvanized pipes with copper pipes
– reseat toilet with functional wax ring
– retile bathroom floor with smaller white tiles (still looking for perfect pattern)
– retile bathtub with decent tiles (yet another project Mr. O tackled that he should have left alone… the tub looks like it was tiled in the dark by a monkey who caulked with mold. Don’t get me started about what kind of nitwit puts a wood frame around a window in a shower. It’s official we hates Mr. O)
– Add exhaust fan/light combo over tub with a twist timer
All-in-all I think this will make our bathroom much better. We’re losing a closet.. but gaining a functional bathroom. The current plan is to add a free-standing armoire to the bedroom. Not optimal.. but probably what we can afford.
BTB: anyone know why I’m not getting any excerpt text at feed? I’m not terribly worried about it.. but it does seem to be missing.

4 thoughts on “Bathroom Remodel

  1. That plan looks great and made me start thinking about our bathroom…what software are you using to create your plans? Now I want my own software!!

  2. Your new layout is the same as my 1st floor bathroom. I plan on changing it someday by taking out the linen closet to get a bigger area for the sink. ie: We have no counter space in the bathroom. Without the closet I will gain some room for some counter space to go with the sink.

  3. This layout was made with the HGTV room planner. As previously mentioned, HGTV Rocks.
    It’s tempting to eliminate the closet altogether… except that there are -no- other closets in the house except in the bedroom and a front coat closet. Adding a linen closet is the only thing that will keep me from losing my mind. That said, I suspect the combination of the bathroom remodel and the kitchen/laundry remodel may yield as many as 3 linen/storage closets. Frankly in a house that’s only got 852 sq ft I need all the storage space I can eke out.

  4. Good job. Your new plans looks like my bath. But my bath has the bedroom closet behind the tub. Small space. We plan to eliminate closet to put bigger tub in. We also had a Mr. O and he disgraced the house with his ideas.

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