Busy.. but unproductive

I’m utterly jealous of other homebloggers I read where they’ve stripped trim, resized door openings, moved electrical panels, reroofed the ugly 70’s addition and gotten a manicure all in the same weekend. I feel like an utter sluff. I got nothing done on the house this weekend. Marc installed the dog door. I’d include pictures.. but I can’t find the camera.. obviously it’s in a box.. the question is, which box?
A couple of friends came down from Sacramento for the weekend. His excellency Nathir(hehe) came by and made a silk banner. Mike and Catherine hung out for the weekend. Edith came by, went on a raid (World of Warcrack) and then offered Heraldry advice. Then we all went out to dinner and a movie (Underworld – Evolutions Skip it, not worth the price of the popcorn).
On Sunday, Mike, Catherine, Marc and I went into San Francisco to the Shire Cloondara fighter practice. After practice Marc and I went out for sushi at Kitaro for D’s surprise going away/birthday party.
It was a very busy weekend.. but not very productive.

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  1. Sometimes, you just need those weekends off! Helps you get more motivated for the next one. Don’t feel like a “sluff” – though I’m not sure what this is 😉

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