Last night Rolf and Marc accused me of being materialistic. I agreed with them but amended that I’m not a value-driven materialist. They were talking about how happy I was about the things they accomplished yesterday. Rolf said that “you’d think you’d given her a diamond”. Frankly given my choice, I’d choose a working bathroom exhaust fan over diamonds any day.
bath_light.jpgYes, we finally have a bathroom exhaust fan/light combo on a twist timer. It’s a thing of absolute beauty. Everytime I think of it, it brings a tear to my eye. Not only is it conceptually beautiful (a fan that moves warm wet air to the exterior of the house) … the light/fan combo is absolutely lovely. Some designer had their thinking cap on that day. This is -way- lovelier than I expected it to be.

Rolf and Marc reinstalled the kitchen cabinet between the fridge and stove. Because of the <sarcasm>high degree of craftsmanship</sarcasm> evident in the kitchen we were forced to remove a kitchen cabinet when the fridge was installed. Rolf and Marc were able to remove about an inch from a spacer between the cabinets and the counter top and make it so that the lost cabinet could return to the fold(for the record, I still hate the kitchen but every little bit of counter space and cabinet space makes it a smidge less hateful).
Lastly, they put the final coat of verathane down on the bedroom hardwood floor. Hopefully we’ll be able to move back in there on Sunday or Monday.
We’re moving along.
When they picked up the fan/light combo from Home Depot, they also picked up the dryer vent kit. Unfortunately it’s been raining so much that the crawlspace under the house is just sopping (bad drainage + lots of rain). When it dries out a bit more Rolf will see about installing that so that the dryer actually vents to the exterior.

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