A thing of beauty

Newly installed curtain hardware in dining room

As mentioned in a previous entry, when they left Mr. O and family took the curtain hardware with them. They weren’t supposed to do that. Curtain hardware is considered part of the house. Mr. O’s realtor said to send her a bill for the new hardware.
Frankly I wanted the old hardware back. It was awefully pretty. That and it was already picked out. I have been known to suffer from “analysis paralysis.” Given a lot of possibilities I will endlessly consider the options and deferr a decision indefinitely. Especially when they’re all so lovely.
After much procrastination, I forced Marc to go to home stores with me and we -finally- found something comparable. We got just about $400 of curtain hardware for 4 windows. Today Marc put one set up in the dining room. It’s very lovely. I’m exceptionally pleased. Now if we only had curtains to go on these rods…

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