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Estrella War XXII

This has -nothing- to do with the house. If you’re looking for anything house-related.. wait until after the warm afterglow of a good vaction has worn off.
Marc and I participate in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism). That is a non-profit organization promoting the study and recreation of pre-1600 western Europe. The group was founded in 1966 and is world-wide. We have events almost every weekend.


This last week (Feb. 14-Feb. 20) we attended Estrella War XXII in Phoenix Arizona US. From the war website:
A “War” in SCA terms is a larger (attended) event usually with more than one Kingdom (political boundary) invited to attend. Estrella War is an annual event that takes place each February in the state of Arizona, (the Kingdom of Atenveldt, SCA). At Estrella War the goal is to depict a Medieval Village in arts, tournaments, mock battle, ambiance, and pageantry. All are welcome to attend but are asked to please make an attempt at “Period” costume.

We left the Bay Area on Saturday morning and drove down to Las Vegas. We stayed with Marc’s friend, Steve who lives in Las Vegas. Sunday we relaxed in Vegas and saw a show (Zumanity.. not bad.. not good to discuss at the office).
Monday we drove down to Phoenix and stayed in a hotel overnight. Tuesday we arrived on site and setup.

Relaxing in the sunshade.

Our encampment this year consisted of the sunshade, 3 wedge tents, 1 round pavilion and 2 modern popup tents. Marc and I camped with Edith, Sefa & Brandr, Gunther, my brother Nate, and Sara. It was a really fun week.
In the society, I’m known as Sylvie la chardonnière. Mostly at war I shop, cook and relax.

From http://www.insanestyle.com/estrella_war/

Marc is known as Fearghus Mac Airt. He dresses up in armor and participates in many of the combat scenarios. I’ll have to see if I got any pictures of him in armor.

Lure Coursing


Lure Coursing is the running of the hounds. Traditionally this would be for sport and for food. Modernly we do it only for sport and use plastic bags as the lure (instead of bunnies). A course is setup in an open/flat field. String runs through a motor and then around pulleys on the ground. A plastic bag is tied to the string. Hounds (mostly sight-hounds) are released to try and catch the lure. A good run is one where the dog faithfully follows the lure around the whole track instead of anticipating the path of the lure and cutting it off.

This year we had the great opportunity to participate in the lure coursing at the war. Fenris, our whippet, was a dream to watch. He seems to have really enjoyed it. We’re going to try to get the lure coursing equipment and see if we can start lure coursing in the West (SCA kingdom in California).

Fenris at full run. I swear he’s smiling.
Fenris at a float. Edith says he looks like a squid.

The week passed in a flash. On Sunday we packed up and started the drive north. Monday we arrived home.
Elves did not come into the house during the week we were gone and finish any of our task. I was sorely disappointed.

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