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Get Color! – Playing along at home

Host Jane Lockhart from “Get Color!”

I admit it, I’m addicted to home owner porn. I can barely contemplate giving up cable TV just because I’d lose access to HGTV. If I had the spare money I’d darn sure have DIY (and every other organizing, decorating, DIY channel out there).
I justify my addiction by saying that I’ll apply what I learn some day. Some day I’ll use all this information to the good of my home.
Today is that day. Today I’m going to use the principles from the show “Get Color!” to design my bedroom (to be honest I’ve been planning this for a while.. so some of the pieces are already in place).

View of the southwest corner of the room

That said, I have two limits that never seem to be discussed on the show. I’m on a shoe-string budget and my room is tiny (about 10’x12′). Information about the Northeast Bedroom.
Up until now I’ve always lived in apartments where I wasn’t allowed to paint the walls. All of my color choices have been in furnishings. This will actually be the first time ever that I’ve been able to choose a color and paint the walls. I’m very excited about that.

Establishing the feel: Choosing our personal color wheel

We’re starting with a bedroom that is moldy, cold and depressing. I want a bedroom that is elegant, warm and inviting. It should be a peaceful, relaxing place. The room faces north which brings in a cool-blueish light. I don’t want the room to feel cold.
I’m going to base my personal color wheel on colors found in the Napa Valley. Napa is just slightly north of me.. and I’d love to live there (can’t afford to buy property there.. and the commute would kill me). If I can’t live there.. I can bring that feeling to me. Wine tasting, French Laundry, B&Bs, and vineyards, these are the things that say “Napa” to me.

The colors of the Napa Valley

Jumping off point: The hardwood floors.


Late last year (read December) we refinished the hardwood floors. These are oak and have a deep rich stain applied to them. The hardwood floors now echo the color of the pine cones. This is in the orange family. Usually I would run screaming at the idea of putting orange in my house. But dark brown makes me happy. This is also the color of coffee beans and black truffles.

Choosing a wall color


Starting with the color of the pinecones, the first color that really speaks to me is the Yellow-Orange of the sunflower. It’s a really bright warm color. I think as long as I stay away from the “traffic cone orange” part of the orange family it will be alright.
The Yellow-Orange is on the warm side of the color wheel. It is very closely tied to the brown as they’re side-by-side on the color wheel. This makes for a harmonious combination. This color will also cause the walls and the hardwood floors to blend together.


The second color that really speaks to me is the Red of the rose. This is a very romantic color and I love the rich red against the rich brown.
Red is a very bold color. It’s on the warm side of the color wheel so it will bring a lot of energy to the room. It’s tied very closely with the brown as they’re only separated by a couple of places on the color wheel. This will cause the walls and the hardwood floors to blend together.


The third color that really speaks to me is the Green of the pine needles. The pine cones and the pine needles make a natural pairing. The green and brown is a very earthy combination.
The Green is on the cool side of the color wheel. This color on the walls will contrast with the hardwood floors. This color will draw more attention to the floors.
I choose to go with the Yellow-Orange. Although I’m really tempted by the Red, I know Marc would never go for it. He’s very anti-Red. The green, on the cool side of the wheel, doesn’t mesh well as a wall color to bring warmth to the room.
So we went with Yellow-Orange. Specifically, Kim over at “One Woman’s Cottage Life” recommended “Clarified Butter” from American Traditions. It’s a perfect combination of bright without being too yellow or too orange. (at this point, if I was being true to the show, I should have some bubble about the effect of yellow-orange on mood.. but I don’t know the effect.. so just pretend you saw a cool bubble here.)

Stay tuned for more after this commercial break…

Visit the Get Color! website at
More information about colors and the color wheel:
* Ok, for the sake of honesty I have to admit.. we’ve already painted the room.. . This was still fun. Even when I already knew the outcome.

2 thoughts on “Get Color! – Playing along at home

  1. I wanted to knoe if your show ever travels toward my neck of the woods in south texas. I am in desperate need for advise with my one bedroom condo that i will be moving in soon in aug. Love your show.
    thank you
    jennifer rivera

  2. I’m glad that you like the show.. but this is -not- the official “Get Color!” website. YOu’ll need to go over to HGTV to find that.
    This is just my poor version of applying the knowledge from that show to my situation.
    Good luck.

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