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Technorati and Blogsome

Because I’m a -huge- geek I did some research into Shauna’s question about Blogsome and Technorati. Standard disclaimer: I’m no expert.. I just have unchecked need to know.
Shauna said:
That is very kewl. I’ve been trying to futz with my site for Technorati as well, but under my free host (Blogsome, which has a server-side, limited version of WordPress), it’s not going so well. I am completely baffled by the coding involved in getting stuff to work.
Because, as mentioned, I’m a -huge- geek I setup a test blog on Blogsome to figure out how to get it working with Technorati.

I setup multiple categories under Blogsome and filed an entry into those categories. (my special category is “xyzza“)
I logged into Technorati and claimed my blog. I’ve had no luck getting the “Quick Claim” to work so I skipped that step and did it the manual way. If you Skip the Quick Claim, Technorati shows you some HTML that you need to place in the front door of your blog. I copied this text and then went into editing in Blogsome. I found the front door by clicking on “Manage” and then choosing “Files”. The first file listed there “index.html” is the front door. I pasted Technorati’s code into that file just below the line that reads:
<div id=”sidebar”><div id=”sidebar2″>
It could probably go anywhere in the <body> of that page. Save the changes to the template. Finish with the claim.
At this point Technorati is aware of my Blog but won’t notice updates automaticaly. To do this you have to setup your blog to ping Technorati when a post is added. Technorati has nice instructions for this (under WordPress in their listing).
WordPress (and BlogSome by extention) doesn’t seem to have a concept of “primary” category. Off hand I don’t see how you’d be able to setup both a heirarchy and logical tags. Possibly through the “meta tags”. It looks a little sketchy.

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