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My Mom and Dad are (hopefully) starting a blog(Neverdone) about the house they’re building in Montana. They’re kind of shy and a little intimidated by technology, but if you have a chance, please pop over and say “Hi” and something encouraging. I think they’d really appreciate it. I’m pretty sure that after no time they’ll be part of the “Houseblogs.net” family.
For reference, they’re building a 3 story Queen Anne victorian that is on the Yellowstone River outside of Billings, Montana. They started building in 2001 and I think they’ll finally be moving in this year (2006). The only contractors they hired were the guys who poured the gypcrete for the radiant floor heating and the guy they have checking to make sure the elevator is correctly installed. Everything else they did themselves (with a little bit of help from family and friends). I have such house-envy.

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