Spring is sprung. That means that here in the Bay Area it’s kind of summer like (when it’s not raining). The weather has been very accommodating and only rained in the evening (or so I was told… I haven’t noticed, what with the sleeping and all). The daytime temperatures are in the 70s.
Just before spring was officially sprung I would come home from work and find the house to be an absolute furnace. It was hot, muggy and thoroughly unpleasant. Every time I declared the house to be “too hot” Marc demanded to know what I’d done with Monica. Pfft.

After this happened for a few days in a row Marc commented that maybe I should turn the furnace down. I did.. until finally Humphrey*, the furnace is turned off.
He’s been off for a few days.. in fact he’s been off and we’re sleeping with the windows open and spend the evening with the ceiling fan in the living room running.
Here’s the quandary. Humphrey takes up half of the north wall. I’m pretty sure if we cover him up with furniture and he runs, it’s a fire hazard. But if he’s off.. how long do I have to wait before I put a couch over him? This would allow me to rearrange the living room. I like the idea but don’t want to start rearranging only to find out there’s another “cold snap” coming and have to ‘un-re-arrange’ it so I can turn on the furnace again.
Oh yes, it’s rough to live in California.. where anything below 50° F is described as “cold”. Horrible.
*I read on another blog that if you name your furnace you have a better relationship with it. Humphrey lives in our living room and takes up half of the north wall. He tick, booms and hisses at us. He’s fussy, noisy and in general reminds me of a grumpy old man. Humphrey seems to be the most appropriate name.

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