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Vanity at the DMV

Last year I bought the house. It turns out, when you buy a house they want you to have a valid form of ID (especially when you goto the bank and ask for $7k+ check from your account to pay for closing costs). This forced me to again realize that my driver’s license had expired in June. I knew about it before then.. airport security gets very cranky if you fly with an expired license.. but I’d forgotten all about it (add to that, since you have the license for 5-7 years it seemed silly to get it for the wrong address when I -knew- I was moving).

ANYWAY. In December, about a week before closing on the house, when I was certain I was probably going to get the house, I went into the DMV to renew my license. It was amazingly painless. I was able to complete all of it in about 20 minutes and still make it to work on time. This gave me a temporary piece of paper that made my now-expired license back into valid ID. All was good. The house closed as expected.
We closed on the house on Dec. 5. The previous owner did a rent-back for 3 days. Three days became 5 days and we didn’t actually get possession of the house until Dec. 11. I wasn’t horribly worried.. frankly I was terribly busy. On Dec. 10 I was head cook for a three course feast that served just over 100 people(menu here). I had other things to think about.
About a month after moving into the house I realized that my license hadn’t arrived. This is upsetting on OH so many levels.
Possibility #1: DMV screwed up. Licence never sent. This would be good…
Possibility #2: License arrived and Mr. O, previous owner, threw it out. This would be annoying, but good…
Possibility #3: License arrived and Mr. O gave/sold it to some bad person who is now pretending to be me. This would be very very bad.
Today I stopped by DMV and went through the song/dance again. It actually took longer this time. But DMV says that they mailed out the last licence on Dec 6. *sigh*.
The frustrating thing is that I can’t do anything about it. So I’m going to pretend that it’s possiblity #2 and just move on.
A new licence should be mailed out in 2 weeks.
It’s a little sad to note that despite the possibility of identy theft and the continued confirmation that Mr. O is a dork there was bright and shiny silver lining this morning. A bright and shining silver lining that illustrates my vanity.
Rather than listing my hair/eyes as brown/brown.. the DMV is perfectly willing to update my eye color to Hazel. Hazel is a much cooler color than brown. I know, it’s not about the coolness of your eye color.. but all my life I’ve said brown/brown.. and last year someone commented that my eyes are brown.. but could also be described as hazel.
Your eye color is something you think of as fixed. I’d never considered that I might -not- have brown eyes. After careful consideration.. and something that might be described as “staring blankly into the bathroom mirror” I decided that my eyes could be described as hazel… and it’s even cooler that the DMV would allow me to change.
So yes, I’m a big vain goob. But at least I have hazel eyes.

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1 thought on “Vanity at the DMV

  1. Who knew that renovating a license is as difficult as renovating a home? LOL
    I expect before and after pictures. After all, this is a houseblog! 😉

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