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Productive Vacation

Mom and Dad flew into Oakland Airport on Tuesday 5/16. This is the first of my family to visit us in the new house. I was anxious, panicked, eager, scared. Marc gave me hell as we drove to the airport because I was so nervous. What if they didn’t like the house? What if Dad found huge amounts of termite damage? What if we couldn’t fix the garage roof? What if bandidos descended from the hills and held us at gun point demanding all of our lunch money? Ok. So I was a little bit nervous.

We rushed home from the airport and gave them the $2 tour. Mom commented that she was surprised that I still had cactus in the yard. I told her that I’d already bought daisies to replace that cactus. Dad commented that the reason the garage was leaking was because some of the shingles were missing (probably blown off at some point). We resolved to do work later that week.
For dinner we decided on Thai. During the Vietnam confict, Dad was stationed in Thailand. He really liked the “Khao pad” (prounounced “Cow Pie”), Thai fried rice. It turns out that our favorite Thai place is closed. Their sign in the window says “Close for Modeling” After a bit of discussion we settled on Indian for dinner instead.


After dinner we decided to head over to IKEA. Mom and Dad don’t have an IKEA in Montana. IKEA’s not for the faint of heart. It’s huge.. and seems bigger because of the way they lay it out. They even put big arrows on the ground pointing you in the right direction just in case you get turned around. I’ve never made it out of IKEA without finding something to buy. This was no exception. We found curtains for the house. They were $39.99 for two panels. We bought enough for the dining room and the living room. IKEA calls them “brown” but they’re more like a muddy grey-green. Perfect for the earth-tones I’m shooting for in the living room, dining room and kitchen.

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