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Ok, the date is set. The house is finally to a place where we’re willing to allow people through the door and have an actual party. Our “housewarming” will be on July 8, 2006. We’re in San Pablo California (it’s near San Francisco). If you’re interested in attending and remotely nearby, drop me an email at and I’ll add you to the evite.
Normally, I think housewarming parties are terribly boring. Your friends and family show up, bring wine (so you may never be thirsty), bread (so you may never be hungry), salt or spices (so you may always have spice to liven up your life), and a house plant (so you may have something green to kill). They then wander aimlessly through the house for about 20 minutes before they wave bye-bye and bug out. *yawn*
We’re breaking out of the mold (and protesting that we’re -not- old). Instead of the usual yawn-fest we’re having a shots party (so that we may always see the world through the wavy fuzz of an alcoholic haze)(kinda like rose colored glasses.. but less hippy-tree-hugger-y).

Guests are encouraged to bring a bottle of something they’ve never tried (or that they think is terribly good) and we’ll follow a couple of drink recipe books and serve up layered shots.
Shots to include (but not limited to):
Squashed Frog
Bailey’s Chocolate Cherry
Brain Hemorrage
Non-alcoholic drinks/shots will be available, crash space is also available.

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