Diningroom, light+fixture, Northeast Bedroom

Let there be light (and air)

On Saturday of Mom & Dad’s vaction (yes, I know, three weeks ago.. almost done with these stories) Marc got to demonstrate his mad skillz as an electrician. We installed a chandelier in the dining room and a ceiling fan/lights in each of the bedrooms.

Dining room:

Diningroom light before. What you can’t see is that you could pull on the light and it would “stop” at whatever height you pulled it down to.. then if you pushed it back up it would retract. This isn’t the light I want for my diningroom. I think Marc is planning to relocate this to his workshop.
Diningroom light after. Since it was a floor model we got the lightbulbs with it. I’ve since updated it to have all 5 of the bulbs be the nice big bulbs. I think it is made by Westinghouse.

I haven’t gotten any pictures of the bedroom ceiling fan/light combos. They’re very lovely and nice to have since it’s getting hotter around here.

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