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Going Caddy Shack


Our front yard seems to have acquired a gopher (what -is- the difference between a gopher and a ground hog?). We’ve acquired some type of nasty ground digging rodent who is pushing up dirt piles in the front yard.
Marc went to Home Depot to get the “gopher elimination implements”. The helpful staff at Home Depot told Marc that the way to eliminate the gopher was to “fill the gopher holes full of water.. then when the gopher runs out, bash him with a shovel”.
It seems a little barbaric.. and frankly reeks of “snipe hunting” but we’re game.

After several days of filling gopher holes full of water we’re starting to look for another option. At this point, assuming our gopher doesn’t have gills, we’re thinking that one of the gopher holes empties out in our crawlspace.. So everytime we fill up the gopher’s home the gopher escapes to the crawlspace.. and we’re pumping gallons of water into the crawl space. Considering how anti-water-in-the-crawlspace I am… we’re looking at other ideas.
My brother recommended that we hold off on using dynamite until a later time.
So.. what do you suggest?

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  1. We just saw a show on this very problem. The Gardner Guy suggests a natural repellent made from castor oil that you broadcast onto your lawn & it will keep the critters from taking up residence or atleast send them to your neighbors. You will probably have to find it at a garden store.

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