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Look Ma, Daisies!


When Mom and Dad were here we pulled out the (nasty horrible) cactus in the front yard and replaced it with daisies (see: Slave Driver). I -LOVE- daisies.

Unfortunately for these daisies (and frankly all plants that end up in my hands) I’m a bit of a black thumb. It’s not that plants spontaneously die when I touch them.. it’s more that it takes me about 2 weeks before I actually put a plant in dirt.. and then if it’s lucky, I remember to water it. So it was with these daisies.
When I first bought them they were lovely, all in bloom. Just exactly what I wanted in my front yard. Then I let them sit around for about two weeks. When Mom and I planted these I described them as “really ragged looking grass bits “. So TA-DA! Water and planting have done these babies some good.

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2 thoughts on “Look Ma, Daisies!

  1. Hi, I love daisies too! One hint for you though…the combination of gravel and the brick surrounding the daisies is quite possibly drying them out faster than necessary. You might want to dig out all the gravel from inside the brick circle and either replace it with mulch or just leave it dirt. I think the brick by itself would probably be okay, but in combination with all that heat-retaining gravel, your little daisies might very well get toasted!

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