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Instant facelift

If windows are the eyes of a home… what is the front door? The nose? Mouth? No idea.
In any case, our house just got a whole lot more character. YEAH! A new front door. I’m giddy about it. Everytime I look at it, it makes me smile. How long does that last?
I know it should have been something I left well enough alone. I know when my realtor sees it he’s going to sigh and shake his head.. but really, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I needed a new front door. I needed it. I did this for me. Not for any future home sale. The gremlins made me do it.
The old door had a fan of glass at the top of the door. It was nice.. if a little boring. The biggest problem I had with it was that I couldn’t see out of the glass parts. This annoyed the heck out of me. I contend that it’s because the glass parts are set too high in the door. Not because I’m too short. (Marc says I’m too short. What does he know?*)
I can see out of the new door. It sparkles and lets tons more light into the living room. Hell, I think it even makes the room look bigger.

Ugly-but-functional old front door:
Sparkly lovely new front door:

This is a lovely arts-and-crafts like front door with a stained glass panel sandwiched between two flat pieces of glass. All of the pictures I snapped from outside have a huge amount of glare on the glass. Grr..

Marc moving locks from old door to new door. Note the really lovely sparkle in the glass.
New door at night. Lovely sparkle

A picture taken from the inside the morning after the installation.

The door was about $270. I’m hoping we can re-sell the old door on Craigslist for about $100. All said and done, I think it was money well spent.
*Today, just before we ran off to Home Depot to get the door.. Marc had me re-measure the door (to make sure I had the right measurements). I measured across the door.. and then from bottom to top. He laughed out loud when I had to stand on tip-toe in order to reach the top of the door. *sigh* Boys are mean. Maybe next time Lurch can reach the top of the damned door for himself. Sheesh.

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3 thoughts on “Instant facelift

  1. The door looks great.That Marc is a handy guy to have around. First impressions are the most important when showing a house. And the front door is the best place to start.

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