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Best Birthday Gift -Ever-


Truly the best birthday gift -ever-. Useful, entertaining, arobic 😉
Tuesday was my birthday. Mom & Dad sent a box of gifts for me. I was good and didn’t open it until my actual birthday. One of the gifts was this flyswatter (Electric / Electronic Fly Swatter).
As we were putting batteries into it Marc looked at me with a mischevious grin and said “I know you want to touch it”. Now the truth is, I did. Kind of like rubbernecking at traffic accidents… or being unable to look away from the screen during a horror movie. I kind of did want to touch it. I told Marc, “Nah-huh. You touch it first.. maybe then I’ll touch it”

He put the batteries in.. pushed the button… poised with his finger over the racket.. and then he did it.
Nothing happened. No buzz, no zap, nothing. Kind of a let down.
Then he noticed that there’s a safety grid on the racket to keep curious fingers out of the danger zone. Ah-hah! The curious monkey had identified the engineered safety mechanism and figured out how to circumvent it.
He pushed the button again.. poised with his finger over the racket.. then carefully touched the racket between the bars of the safety grid.


I even saw the spark. There was much jumping around and shaking of the fingers. The racket made a noise not unlike the bug zappers you see in back yards. No blister.. but he definately won’t do that again.
Then he waved the racket at me. “You said you’d do it”
Bah fooey! All my curiousity was gone. The racket had clearly fallen into the category of things you don’t touch.
“Chickenshit” he mocked.
Whatever, I may be a curious monkey.. but I know good from bad.. I don’t have to experience it to know I don’t need to do it.. that and I got that double XX chromosone thing going for me.. so no amount of daring will get me to touch it. No how, no way.
I did prance around the house zapping flies. It’s very effective. One wave of the racket and you zap them right out of the air with a “ker-pop”. Much glee was had. Death to all flies!!

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3 thoughts on “Best Birthday Gift -Ever-

  1. I knew you’d enjoy it. I will say that our flies may be a heartier lot. I fried one at the office and it sparked for several minutes and then flew away. Very disappointing.

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