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“Why don’t you post more??”

1. we’re out of money. Don’t worry, we’re staying even and keeping up on our bills. But other than that, we’re out of money.
2. we haven’t done anything (see #1)
3. It’s summer.. so that SCA thing (my -real- hobby) is cycling up. Thus sucking away all of our time and any money we might have had for house projects. It’s way easier to spend $100 on wool for a new 16th century German Dress than it is to cough up $4000 to get the bathroom remodel started. Yes, yes, I know.. I probably spend more time in the bathroom than in the dress.. but it’s the scale of the thing. I -have- $100. I don’t have $4000.
4. Do you really want to hear about my plans? Plans with no money and no projects are just boring. (see #1 and #2).
So to make it short, we’re still here.. we’re just very very quiet.
(Marc’s uncle is coming on 8/12 to help us rewire the house. So maybe something then)

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