The house we didn’t buy

Back when we were looking for a house to buy we looked at this house. It was about 5 houses down the street from the house we were renting.. in a nice, clean, safe neighborhood… very convenient (both for the move and for future commuting). It turns out that the house was sinking into the ground (to the tune of $10k estimated to fix it)… but it had a creek in the back yard (that overflowed it’s banks occationally and flooded the house).

We actually made an offer on the house.. asking price of $440,000. Then when we found out it was sinking into the ground we required the seller to pay the $10k to keep it from sinking into the ground. Needless to say they didn’t accept our offer. It sold not too long after that. I’m not sure what the final price was.. but it wasn’t far off of the $440,000.
Today I drove by that house and noticed it’s back up for sale (it’s only been about 8 months). Only now they’re asking $525,000. I hope they stopped the house from sinking.. regardless I think they’re smoking dope if they think they can get that much for this house as we head into the fall… with a depressed real estate market.
The flyer says “immaculately maintained” which is patently laughable when you’re standing in front of the house and can see the paint flaking off in ribbons.
Good luck to them, they’re going to need it.
PS: I don’t think I’m bitter… I really did want the house.. it would have made the move and home ownership so much easier.. in the long run I’m glad we got a house that cost less… I just wish it was in a better neighborhood *sigh*


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