When the mood strikes.. run with it.

On Sunday for some reason Marc and I were talking about gifts.. I reminded him that I wanted a vacuum cleaner (it was on my Christmas list last year.. and on my birthday list.. and was quickly heading towards my Christmas list for this year). The house has hard floors throughout.. except for the area rugs. We’ve made it a year without a vacuum.. but the rugs were filthy.
He immediately declared that he refuses to buy me a vacuum cleaner (no matter how much I want one). He said nothing I did could make him get it for me. Then he made me watch this video:

Driving home from Jury Duty on Monday I decided that damnit, I could buy my own damn vacuum cleaner. After a short and not-to-be-discussed adventure (in which I allowed my temper to get the better of me and ended up calling a guy a “skinny prick”) I found a nice bagless one at Target.
When I got home I assembled it.. and then vacuumed the front area rug. OOOOO! Happiness in the shape of a vacuum. Thrilled I went into the bedroom and vacuumed the area rug under the bed. Practical convulsions from joy. But… the dirty clothes hamper was running over. How could I revel in the happiness that is clean rugs if dirty clothes were running over onto them?
So I did the laundry. How could I fold laundry on a dirty bed? So I changed the bedsheets and washed the pillows… and dusted the side-tables and dusted the front room… and cleared clutter from the front of his closet… and rearranged the clothes in his closet… and put away the fabric bins… and de-cluttered the sewing room.
I guess I was just in the mood.

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