From the heights of happiness.. to the depths of tragedy…

We can’t remodel the kitchen.. but we can tweak the bathroom towards happiness. Mr. O (or some poor schmuch who owned our house before Mr.O) painted the toilet paper holder. It looked like crap. I’ve spent a whole year with it looking like hell.. and I finally decided that I had the ways and means to make it better. Behold:

Old Toilet Paper Holder

Ok, so I probably should have attacked it with paint stripper.. but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. The poor schmuch who painted the holder also painted the little plastic deal-y that the roll sat on. It seemed like a whole lot of work to strip the paint off of the holder when a new holder was less than $20.
At the same time we also added another towel bar over the toilet, next to the shower. It makes me happy.


Not a moment too soon. Just after I became happy, tragedy struck. Marc says he was home and he heard a “PLINK” and couldn’t figure out what had made that sound. Later, when he checked the mail, he noticed that our front window had started to break. It started on Tuesday and by this morning it had spread all across the window. I guess I’ll have to move that up on the to-do list.


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2 thoughts on “From the heights of happiness.. to the depths of tragedy…

  1. That’s odd. The question I’d be asking is, “Why did it break”. A peak under the house right under the window might be in order. A missing post could cause the house to sag. Maybe you have a basement.

  2. I’m pretty sure we have no secret basement 😉 We’re probably less than 7 ft above sea level.
    I may ask Marc to scrounge around in the crawlspace after it dries out (been raining off-and-on for the last week or so).

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