Resisting Temptation


I’m ridiculously pleased to be spending the Holidays at home this year. I don’t have a horror of a family.. and I do wish I could actually be with them. But the first year of home ownership doesn’t leave an extra $1,000 at the end of the year for buying tickets to fly to Montana for Christmas.
So this year is totally different from any other year. For the first time -ever- we’ll be putting-up/decorating a Christmas tree.. and decorating the house and baking Christmas goodies (still struggling with this one… goodies are the polar opposite of “getting into shape”. I may have to research Christmas goodies that are actually good for you).

  • Mustn’t buy into retail hype and start Christmas before T-day
  • Mustn’t hum Christmas Songs under breath for the next 6 weeks. Marc will probably strangle me. He’s going to be horrified enough when I cycle out all of the current CDs and replace them with all my Christmas CDs.
  • Mustn’t pull out boxes of Christmas decorations until after T-day. Thank God T-day is at the end of this week. I just might make it until after then.
  • Mustn’t browse online stores for more “cute” ideas for Christmas. Really, 3 boxes of Christmas stuff should be enough for anyone. “Cute” ideas only end up stored in more boxes. But they’re -so- cute!
  • Must find gifts to send to family before the end of December. I’m good at finding gifts.. and bad at sending them. I want to do better.. but that hasn’t worked out so far. I have gifts picked out for everyone.. just need to gather them all together and put them in the mail.

For T-day I’m conflicted. I really feel an urge to “cook a full carcase of beast with all the trimmings” but I can’t justify a whole turkey+stuffing+cranberries+riced potatoes+brocolli cassarole+pecan pie for just Marc and myself. I’m kind of leaning towards rockhen. Hmmm or maybe duck.
For Christmas we talked about having a party. That sounds like a blast.. but I’m having trouble finding a good time for it. We have stuff going on up until the weekend of the 23rd.. and it seems presumptious to plan a party for two days before Christmas. It also seems presumptious to plan a New Years Party for the 30th. Seems like we’d be in a lot of competition. Hmmm Must discuss with Marc.

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