Bright Green Turgid Drama


Ok, I lied when I said “I’ve finally decided I don’t care. Even if it isn’t perfect, it’ll be tons better than butterscotch.” I do care. The green swatches I painted in the diningroom aren’t perfect. The more time I spend looking at them the more I’m convinced that they’re not -right-. *sigh* This means more thrashing about for the perfect color.

While at a friends house I noticed that her kitchen seems to be the exact shade of understated silvery-mossy-green that I want for the diningroom. I asked her for the color info.. and she said that she took a pillow in to the paint store and had them match the color of that pillow. Ah the horror.
She offered to lend me the pillow (gasps of unimaginable joy!!). So early next week I’m going to paint match a friend’s pillow.
The next room we’re going to paint is the living room. I want the color of coffee with lots of cream. I wonder if they can color match a liquid.

2 thoughts on “Bright Green Turgid Drama

  1. Can I idenitfy. Right now I’m trying to find the perfect gold. Not too orange, not too bright, not too green, not too yellow……
    I think it used to be easier when they called a color something we could relate it to. Not Soft Terrain, Gilded Shores, Simply Sunny or All Day Long.

  2. I completely understand. We are currently living with Army green and burgandy red because I had a fit one day to cover up the butternut Squash Yellow that was in the house when we bought it. Both the green and the red were not that color on the swatch, and I refuse to repaint until we get about to redoing those rooms.

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