High on caulk fumes

I finally feel like a renovator. I mean I kinda felt like it when we sanded the bedroom floor.. but Marc did all that work. And I kinda felt like it when we painted the bedroom… but painting really isn’t renovating.. anyone could do that. Finally, today I feel like a renovator.
Yesterday I scraped and sanded and dug madly at the bathroom tub grout and removed the funky caulk that had black mold growing on it. Today, for the first time -ever- I used both grout and caulk. The tub looks 100% better.

All that said, I’m a bad blogger. I was certain I had pictures of the piss-poor job Mr. O did on the tile so I didn’t bother to take a “before” picture. AND well, the after picture is kinda boring. I mean it’s beige tile with lovely smooth white grout and flawless caulk. *yawn* So no pictures.
I feel accomplished though. I guess that’s all that matters.

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