Starting year two – review of goals

Wow.. has it really been a year? One year ago today we closed on the house. Shortly thereafter I setup my five to seven year plan
Annual things to do:
– Schedule termite inspection
– Replace batteries in smoke/fire alarms
– Check/clean out gutters
Here’s our progress so far:

1. Bathroom remodel
– remove flooring
reset toilet with new wax seal April 2006
– replace galvanized pipes
replace tile in tub Dec 2006. Re-grouted and re-caulked. Looks ok now.
– remove backside of bedroom closet & convert into linen closet
– move vanity/sink to other side of room
– (opt)replace and resize window (12×60 transom)
Replace toilet paper holder Nov. 2006
2. Northeast bedroom remodel
Refinish floor Feb. 2006
Paint March 2006
– Fix electrical/phone
Fix mold problemFeb. 2006
– Replace east window
– Add new closets
3. Garage
Fix garage leak May 2006
– Paint
– Re-roof
4. Add workshop to back yard
5. Kitchen remodel
– Move water heater onto back porch or into lost-space in ex-closet
– remove back-side of bedroom closet.
– Widen kitchen/dining room door (add light switches to left of entry)
– Add light over sink
– remove walls between kitchen/laundry area
– replace back door with a door that lets in more light
– Add drain under washer, recess water faucets, add fuse for dryer, down box for dryer
– move current exhaust fan switch into laundry area (move exhaust opening into laundry area)
– wrap kitchen counter around from stove-side into laundry area
– Add kitchen-style sink in laundry area
– update kitchen/laundry cabinets
– Add hood over oven
– Add dishwasher next to current sink
– Add under-cabinet lights and electrical outlets
6. Backyard
– Add taller fence around yard
– enclose dog run (1/2 covered)
– Add doggy-door from living room
– remove concrete slab from back yard
– Run sprinklers to the back yard
– Add nice patio in place of icky concrete slab
7. Remedy house moisture problems
Vent dryer to house exterior May 2006
Add exhaust fan/light combo over shower Feb. 2006
– Regrade around house to get water to drain away(esp. west side)
– Add gutter to back of the house
Add on-site drain system to move gutter water away from crawlspace
– Condition Crawl space (?)
– Insulate exterior walls of crawlspace
– Add black 6-mil polyethylene (plastic sheeting) vapor barrier to crawlspace
– Add exhaust fan
– Add grills to living space to push warmed air into crawlspace
8. Replace/repair siding
9. Front fascade
Replace front door with a door I can see out of June 2006
– Fix front porch(Replace tile with redwood, add hand rail to stairs, replace steps)
Add Bougainvilla next to dining room window (balance out front) May 2006
Remove front fence Oct. 2006
– Eliminate pathetic trees
– Eliminate pathetic bushes
– Plant tree
10. Living room/dining room
– Add sealed-combustion direct-vent fireplace to livingroom
– Trim doors/windows to resemble bungalow
– Add plate rail around dining room
Update dining room light May 2006
– Replace Humphrey the cranky furnace
– Replace windows
11. Northwest bedroom
remove carpet April 2006
– refinish hardwood floor
– Paint
12. Insulate
– Add blow-in insulation into exterior walls.
– Add insulation to attic
13. Electrical
– Replace all wiring in house
14. Plumbing
– Replace all galvanized piping in house

1 thought on “Starting year two – review of goals

  1. Sounds like a lot of work and it looks like you are moving along at a good clip. Congratulations and happy anniversary.
    BTW, I’ve read that people should change batteries in smoke/fire alarms 2 times a year. My favorite idea was to change it every time your clock needs to spring forward or fall back. It’s the easiest way for me to remember…

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