Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree

For the last year I threatened to do it. I hated the three pine trees in the front of our house. All year long (in fact since we bought the place) I said that at our first chance we’d cut them down and make them into Christmas trees.


My Dad thinks it’s silly. These are perfectly good trees in our front yard and we’re expending energy to get rid of them. I say they’re eye-sores and block the view of our house making the yard seem smaller than it is. Luckily, since it’s our house I get to make the decisions.
So far we’ve only cut down one of them. I want to cut down the other two but I don’t have room for them in my house. I may offer them for $20 each on Craig’s List.
Ok, I have to admit this Christmas tree makes Charlie Brown’s christmas tree look lush. But it’s decorated with love. I think it makes a perfectly lovely first Christmas tree for our house. It also benefits from the magic of Christmas that takes a perfectly scraggly tree and makes it look beautiful when you turn the Christmas lights on. *happy sigh*


2 thoughts on “Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree

  1. This post made me laugh…..the before & after photos are funny. If I thought I could use a cedar tree for a Christmas tree, I’d be following your lead and cutting the one down in front of my house 🙂

  2. Hey, I think your Christmas Tree looks great. This year, since you aren’t coming home, I may just use my little 3′ fake tree. Watch out for next year though, We’ll be in the new house & then I can decorate to my hearts content.

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