Dogs 2, Christmas Tree 0


I’ve never had dogs before. More specifically I’ve never had to live with something with the curiosity of a five year old that had no thumbs so investigated things with their teeth. The dogs knocked the tree over twice today. It’s not a good day to be a dog.

Hmmm, which of these two looks guilty to you?

Marc had a dentist apointment this morning. While we were gone the dogs knocked it for the first time. We were gone long enough that they also had time to pick over the prostrated tree and scavenge the choice ornaments. The angel on the top of the tree and all of the “ball” ornaments were taken into the back yard and throughly destroyed. Several ceramic ornaments also didn’t survive the fall. The tree also took out my favorite pot and smashed one of only three semi-living plants in my house.
The second time I was out mowing the lawn (yes, mowing.. it’s December in California and my lawn needed mowing)(yes, it’s rough to live here). This time they didn’t have time to ravage the tree… but it still ended up on the ground.

Evil Tree Stand

I place half the blame for this on the dogs and the other half on the “evil tree stand”. Invented by blind monkeys, the tree stand required that you carefully set the tree exactly in the center of the stand.. and then used a careful tension between the three screws, gravity and I’m sure elven magic to keep the tree up. It failed it’s saving roll. Twice. If there hadn’t been dogs I think the stand -might- have made it through the holiday. As it is, the stand’s destined for the recycling bin.
Yesterday I OD’d on HGTV. I’m just finding all of the Ho Ho Ho Holiday specials very compelling. Maybe I’m ill. Anyway, yesterday one of the decorators used a big pot filled with pea gravel in place of the usual tree stand. It was lovely.. looked stable and possibly worth trying.


Ok, now crossing my fingers and hoping this makes it all better.

2 thoughts on “Dogs 2, Christmas Tree 0

  1. In this months’ Living magazine there was a couple who decorated a tree and they used the gravel in a huge square pot. Their reasoning was that it keeps the tree up high enough that you can see the gifts underneath but it sounds great as far as giving it a less tippable nature. I had to laugh (although I know it’s not funny) about the ball ornaments and angel. I adopted a new dog about four weeks ago and she is one busy pup. The garbage pail is her infatuation. Well, that and toothpaste tubes. It has driven me to distraction trying to break her of these habits. I wish she had a job she could go off to ever day, I think she’d love it.

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