Clearing (yard) clutter

On the last day of my vacation (ie, last Sunday) we finally cleared out the overgown, scraggly, balding bushes at the end of the walkway. I have always known that getting rid of them was the “right” thing to do… but Marc thought it was just a bunch of work for no real reason. Despite this he agreed to help me and we spent about two hours on Sunday morning hacking down the bushes.



We started off with a branch lopper and completely filled the green recycling bin. Then we decided that we’d just take the bush bits straight to the dump (since after half of one bush we were already overflowing the recycling bin) so we changed over to filling the truck. Good thing too. We completely filled the bed of the truck.
The insides of the bushes were totally filled with dead branches and black widows. I’m utterly freaked out by the spiders. Thank God they’re gone now.
Closerup this time:


A few days afterwards Marc said that he agreed that eliminating the bushes makes the house look much better. Yeah!

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  1. I think that it is hard to get rid out of these kinds of things, I must say that it is hectic and quite hard to do this kind of work but you did a great job and it is looking nice now.

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