Rejiggering of Bathroom Plan

So over the holiday I was sick. When I’m sick I can’t sleep. When I can’t sleep I make plans. Wild outrageous, if-we-had-tons-of-money plans. So over the holiday I struck on a plan that simplifies the plan for the bathroom.

To re-iterate for those just joining us.
Our bathroom floor plan currently looks like this:
Plan made with HGTV room planner,,HGTV_17897_23822,00.html.
Horrible, aweful, tiny. The backside of the bedroom closet intrudes into the bathroom space. As mentioned in the past Marc says he can’t stand in front of the toilet when he pees because the sink is in the way.
In addition to being poorly laid out our bathroom also completely lacks storage space. Currently our towels, toilet paper, extra shampoo, etc is all stored in a box in the front coat closet (it’s a little pathetic.. but we refer to the box as the “linen closet”).
A remodel is definately in our future.
Here was the original plan:
Demolish backside of closet that intrudes into bathroom. Retain enough closet to make a linen closet inside the bathroom. Move sink to other side of room.
It’s little bit complex. Putting the linen closet in the bathroom seems logical.. but it also steals space from an already cramped room.
Enter brilliant idea! I stumbled on a new idea… one I’d never thought before… why not add a closet in the hallway. I know it’s a novel concept… but our hallway is tiny.. hardly big enough to call it a hallway. Up until this point it’d never occured to me that we might be able to actually use it for something beside an awkward, poorly laid out pause before you end up in the bedrooms.
House plan:


Originally I was thinking a nice basic armoire looking thing. Marc suggested a corner closet and I think that’s the better idea. See new (not yet constructed) corner hutch in hallway.
EVEN better this gives back tons of space to the bathroom. Viola: new bathroom plan:
Suddenly we have a simplified workable bathroom with tons of space and character. I’m uber psyched to get started on this.

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