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The Proposal

Not at all house related… but,
Last Saturday Marc proposed to me… and I said yes.

Marc’s Proposal

Both Marc and I play in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval recreation group). He proposed to me during the first court of 12th Night (our big holiday party) on stage, in front of probably 300 of our friends.
I was head of court for Rolf and Aurora (the King and Queen) and had attendants setup for first court. I was sitting in the audience following along as court progressed (close enough to help if needed but far enough away that the -actual- attendants didn’t feel that I was hovering over them). I was feeling pretty good. Everything seemed to be going as planned, everything seemed to be setup for court. I couldn’t think of anything that needed to be done.
Then the Herald called Marc up into court by his SCA name “Fearghus”. I started to (mildly) panic. Why was Fearghus going into court.. and more importantly why didn’t I know why he was going into court. I turned to Edith (a very good friend of mine) and asked her why he was going into court. Edith just smiled at me and took my notebook out of my hand. I’m pretty sure I gave her a blank look.. and then realized I’d just been called into court also.
As I walked up to court my head was spinning. What was going on.. Why was this happening? Then, almost up to the stage.. I -got- it. Oh my. I knew what was happening.
Fearghus asked their Majesties if he could use one of the pillows from in front of them. With tears in his eyes, he got down on one knee, grabbed my hands and said “You said you wanted a story.”**
Then he said “Sylvie, will you marry me.”***
The populace went wild. Cheering, clapping, hollering. It was quite hard to hear yourself think.
So I’m standing there. On stage, under a spotlight, holding the hands of the man I love. Thinking to myself “I want to answer.. but if I did no one would hear me. I’ll just wait a minute for the populace to quiet down”. Not even thinking that poor Fearghus is kneeling there thinking “Gosh, she’s taking a long time to answer. Oh crap, what if she says no. GOD, she’s going to say no. Oh shit”.
So I waited.. and still the crowd didn’t quiet down. So I let go of Fearghus’ hands and turned and “shushed” the populace, with my finger over my mouth in the “be quiet” pose. Finally they quieted down enough.. and I leaned forward and said “Yes”. Again the crowd went wild.. and this time it was ok.
**About a month after Marc and I got together he started hinting around about proposing. I told him it was too soon and he wasn’t allowed to ask. Last October, our two year anniversary, I told him that it was no longer “too soon” and he was now again allowed to ask. One morning, not too long after that, we were lying naked in bed warm and comfortable in a nice afterglow he rolled over to me and said “so, it’s no longer too soon?” I immediately said “Nah-huh! There are rules!”. He had permission to propose.. but someday when I told my children about the proposal I didn’t want the story to start with “One morning when your father and I were lying naked in bed…”. So he was instructed that he had to come up with a good “Story”. I think he did well.
*** I’m a little weirded out that he proposed to “Sylvie”. SCA is my hobby. “Sylvie” is my alter ego. I accept that I am Sylvie.. but he’s going to be spending the rest of his life with ME and Sylvie is only a part of me. In the end I’m ok with it.. but I’m still a bit weirded out by it.
The plan is for a long engagement. We’d like for Marc to graduate college before the wedding. Also gives a good long time to get the wedding plans all set.
There will -not- be an SCA wedding. SCA is a hobby. It’s pretend. This is my life. There -will- be an SCA reception to celebrate our wedding. But it will occur after the happy affair.

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  1. I am very happy for you Monica..and I am looking forward to your wedding.Take care and write to me. Love Mary Kim

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