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Purple Puff Plant

A few days ago I posted this picture. We spotted this outside the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate park and really wanted to know what it was. After searching high and low.. and polling many sources.. it turns out this is a special type of geranium. “Geranium maderense” also called the “Madeira Cranesbill”. As luck will have it, it’s…

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Slave Driver

Solar lights installed by Marc the day before Mom and Dad showed up. In the background you can see the last remaining cactus in my yard. Thursday was a work day. Mom and Dad may be on vacation.. but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to work. When Marc and I were in Montana for Christmas we helped Mom and…

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Vanity at the DMV

Last year I bought the house. It turns out, when you buy a house they want you to have a valid form of ID (especially when you goto the bank and ask for $7k+ check from your account to pay for closing costs). This forced me to again realize that my driver’s license had expired in June. I knew about…

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Our house sits on a crawlspace. One plumber commented that it’s a “nice huge crawlspace big enough that you can crawl around on hands and knees”. My expectations for a crawlspace is that it should be dry. It’s under the house, protected from rain. Water shouldn’t be going there. Reality isn’t meeting with my expectations. Every time it rains our…

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Utterly Off-Topic

Hanky Panky

Anne over at Minor Adjustments asked for “tried-and-true party recipes that DON’T involve dip”. Unfortunately Blogger is being a pill and won’t let me comment (it’s not anti-me.. it seems to be anti-everyone. Anne? Might need to poke at it). Anyway, we had a barbecue this weekend and I made Hanky Pankies.. and they don’t involve dip.. and they get…

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Spring is sprung. That means that here in the Bay Area it’s kind of summer like (when it’s not raining). The weather has been very accommodating and only rained in the evening (or so I was told… I haven’t noticed, what with the sleeping and all). The daytime temperatures are in the 70s. Just before spring was officially sprung I…

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