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Best Birthday Gift -Ever-

Truly the best birthday gift -ever-. Useful, entertaining, arobic 😉 Tuesday was my birthday. Mom & Dad sent a box of gifts for me. I was good and didn’t open it until my actual birthday. One of the gifts was this flyswatter (Electric / Electronic Fly Swatter). As we were putting batteries into it Marc looked at me with a…

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ROI: Fun with numbers

Commenting on Tip On Getting The Best Return On Home Improvements. For some reason this just tickles my funny bone.* Let’s say I decide to sell (it’s not time yet… but this is all hypothetical). Tip #1 here says: 1. Clean / de-clutter – 973% Average Return on Investment: Remove clutter by storing items in basement, attic or friend’s home.…

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Instant facelift

If windows are the eyes of a home… what is the front door? The nose? Mouth? No idea. In any case, our house just got a whole lot more character. YEAH! A new front door. I’m giddy about it. Everytime I look at it, it makes me smile. How long does that last? I know it should have been something…

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Look Ma, Daisies!

Before After When Mom and Dad were here we pulled out the (nasty horrible) cactus in the front yard and replaced it with daisies (see: Slave Driver). I -LOVE- daisies.

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Screen Door

It’s a ho-hum front door. I dislike it because it’s so ho-hum.. and because I’m too short to see out of the fan on the top. This means when someone comes to the door, I have no idea who they are until I open the door. Our neighborhood isn’t totally scary.. but I’m not 100% comfortable with just whipping the…

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Going Caddy Shack

Our front yard seems to have acquired a gopher (what -is- the difference between a gopher and a ground hog?). We’ve acquired some type of nasty ground digging rodent who is pushing up dirt piles in the front yard. Marc went to Home Depot to get the “gopher elimination implements”. The helpful staff at Home Depot told Marc that the…

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Ok, the date is set. The house is finally to a place where we’re willing to allow people through the door and have an actual party. Our “housewarming” will be on July 8, 2006. We’re in San Pablo California (it’s near San Francisco). If you’re interested in attending and remotely nearby, drop me an email at monica@fibergeek.com and I’ll add…

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