I acquired Burning Crusade from Costco. I guess it is true that you can find anything there if you look hard enough. I’m glad that it’s been a while since BC’s initial release. The newbie areas are fairly uncongested and I’m not having any huge problems fulfilling the quest requirements.

Over the last two days I played my new Dreanei Priest, Monneh, up to level 13. I’m enjoying the class. I’m also enjoying the quests. I’ve found that the Dreanei quests are a lot more entertaining than the Human or Night Elf quests. I loved fishing with a net.. and The Totem questline was tons of fun. I especially liked the buff that turned you into an invisible speed running panther. Rarrh! (I wonder if that’s available anywhere outside the questline.)

Way better than “Kill Princess” or madly running notes back and forth between farms.

I even got jumped by a stealthed Blood Elf NPC. It was very unexpected. I think Blizzard has gotten more sophisticated about its starting quests since the original game came out.

** as an aside: While killing Blood Elves I noticed that they all seem to be death drama queens.. or at least the males are. I wonder if that’s true when it’s a PC rather than an NPC.

I’m finding that it’s taking me a couple of minutes each time to switch between mindsets when I switch between characters. I find myself thinking “Ok, so I’ll send my pet” and then realize I’m playing my rogue and have no pet. I supposed it’s to be expected.

At the moment I’m kinda “blah” about my Rogue, Tikataka. Right now it’s way more fun exploring other race/class options than to level the rogue. I don’t think it’s the class.. the Rogue has coolness that other classes don’t.. but because Tikataka was my first character I spent a long time learning the ropes.. and leveling her. The other toons are taking less time to level since I already know the ropes.

I’m finding a nice amount of synergy between my characters. Tikataka does leatherworking/skinning and was able to twink Tikah. Tikah does alchemy/herbalism and is able to sent useful potions to Tikataka and Monneh. I’m thinking to spec Monneh with Tailoring/Enchanting and user her to enchant everyone else’s stuff. Additionally when it’s available I’ll have Tikataka send leather to Monneh to make bags. One big, happy, sucking the time out of my life, virtual family.

The only one not in the mix is Illyah, my new Blood Elf Pally. She’s all on her own.. but she’s a bad ass.. so I think she can handle it.

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  1. Yeah, exploring the playstyle of each class is really good — which is why I recommended it when you started 😉 I spent close to a month playing different toons before picking one to focus on.
    Having your toons spread across tradeskills is very handy (advice I read shortly after I started playing) — and a lovely communism of one. The further part of the advice was to send tradeskill materials to one toon till their bags/bank was full and THEN have that toon work up their tradeskill. I think the guy didn’t like the frustration of being one skill-up short when he ran out of linen cloth. 😉

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