Half way there…

Project: Skill-revamp-musical chairs is moving ahead slowly.

I re-did Tikah as a Skinner/Herbalist and sent her all around Teldrassil gathering herb for Obli and skilling up her skinning. That went fairly well but I was annoyed at killing stuff and not getting any experience (and my new pet needs to get experience points to get some training points) so I sailed over to Darkshore to do some more killing, skinning and get some Briarthorn.

Right off the bat I killed and then tried to skin a level 15 bear and the game informed me I wasn’t high enough skill to do that (needed to be 50 skill). Bummer. I would have rather’d get ruined hides (and a skill point) from “too-high-for-you” critters than to just have it flat out tell me I couldn’t even try. It took another 10 minutes locate skinnable critters of level less than 15 and then to skillup to 50 so that I could get level 15 skins. I wonder where the barrier is at now.

Obliette is becoming a decent Herbalist/Alchemist. She’d be better if I’d noticed that you have to be greater than level 10 to skill past 75. Doh! *sigh* So right now she’s stuck at 75 skill points until I can raise her level to at least 10.

Lack of bags sucks. “Your inventory is full” is a hateful statement. Quests with 3-4 stacks used for the quest items SUCK!

I really want to skill Monneh’s tailoring up to get some bags. I’m fairly certain I don’t have enough cloth to do it.. nor is she probably high enough level. *sigh* Sometimes it just sucks having a family of lowbies.