You’ve got mail

Does anyone actually use WoW mail as a way to exchange letters? I mean written notes of any importance?

I’ve received gold, goods and notes from the Auction House.. but I don’t think I’ve actually received a honest to goodness, actually-full-of-content letter.

Wait, no, the only letter I’ve rec’d has been from NPCs as parts of quests.

I sent a letter once.. part of an Act of Randomness. When I was level 10 I sent a not-so-bad piece of armor to a level 2 (figuring that after an hour in the mail they’d get it around level 5-8). With this I sent a note telling them that it was a Random Act of Randomness.. and that they were welcome to use, give away, pass on, or sell the included armor bit.

Two days later I got the note and the armor bit back. They didn’t open it. They just returned it. Kind of a let down.

2 thoughts on “You’ve got mail

  1. I once got a letter in the in-game mail from a fellow guildie. It was in the form of a newsletter for a startup fanclub. And that fanclub was for my character at the time, a Rogue. What the hell?! The letter writer’s long gone now, lost to another game, the guild transferred to a new server and new faction, and I transferred that old rogue to another server. And I’m pretty sure I’ve still got that old letter in my bag. It’s been in there going on two years now. I just can’t bear to depart with it. Silly, yet important. 🙂

  2. Yah, I use the mailbox to actually send mail…

    I sent mail to a tank friend the other day asking if he’d be available for our Dire Maul run last night, in fact.

    And when I accidentally disbanded the guild I was GM of 6 months ago, there was a LOT of mailing going on 😉

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