Picking my favorite child …

When I started playing warcraft Fiancee said “It’ll be so fun. I’ll start a new character and we can level them together.” Unfortunately I started playing about a month after BC.. and Fiancee is madly trying to level his main to play in outlands.. or farming for gold to buy his flying mount.. or grinding for rep.. or exploring all the wizbang cool stuff in the Outlands. I don’t blame him.. I’m going through all of the been-there, done-that newbie stuff. It’s kinda boring if you’ve already done it 3-4 times with your own newbies. But for now, for me, it’s all new and very cool. So I’m not mad at him for not wanting to play with me.

Last night I mentioned to him that “West Kingdom” guild nights are pretty boring for me. I’m level 14-25.. and the West Kingdom guild are all 58+. So on WK guild night I go off and solo level but with the added bonus of listening to them chat about the high level stuff they’re doing.. and the ability to click on links to weapons I won’t be high enough level to use for a long while.

Since it is all new to me.. and I’m enjoying it, I’m taking my own sweet time. I’m reading the flavor text and trying to follow along with the story. I’ve also refused all offers to “drag me through an instance” for gear or for leveling. Also, harboring a family of lowbies isn’t going to bring me to 58+ in the next six months.

I really do want to play with him and WK guild. So I think I’m going to concentrate on a single toon and call it my “main”.

The problem is.. I like all my characters in general.. but the only character I’m loving is my BE Paladins. Not being squishy, being able to heal, being able to resurrect, being able to hit hard. All these benefits far outweigh the draw back of not being able to fire at range. So I’m starting a new Draenei paladin (fiancee will probably cringe at me) and playing this character swiftly up to 58+.

1-20 Draenei
– Draenei Guide 1-10 (though it actually only seems to goto 6)
– Draenei Leveling Guide(though again, only 1-6)
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Do Deadmines, acquire “Unsent Letter”.
1 Bronze Tube
4 Minor Mana Potions
2 Elixirs of Minor Fortitude
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