Crafting a “Main”

Finally I started my new “Main”. Following the first part of this guide:

I dinged 6 in under 2 hours (give or take the 20 minutes I futzed with macros and the 10 minutes futzing with screen shots). Tatia is currently a level 6 1/2 Paladin hearthed at Azure Watch.

Loving the Paladin, though I find that I miss the Blood Elf’s Mana Tap. I’m sure I’ll get over it.

Leveling plan:

1-20 Draenei
– Draenei Guide 1-10 (though it actually only seems to goto 6)

– Draenei Leveling Guide(though again, only 1-6)
Azuremyst Isle Quest Strategy Guide
Do Deadmines, acquire “Unsent Letter”.
1 Bronze Tube
4 Minor Mana Potions
2 Elixirs of Minor Fortitude
Youri’s Level 20-30 Alliance Leveling Guide
Jame’s Alliance Leveling Guide 30-60
Level 40-49 Alliance Power Leveling