To be (human) or not to be (human)

The day before I started my Paladin I was chatting with a guildie on Ventrillo and I mentioned that I had decided to make a “main” Draenei Paladin. He paused for a moment and then asked “Why Draenei? Why not Dwarf or Human?”

Now I admit my reason for not doing a dwarf is all vanity. I don’t find the dwarf females attractive.. and if I’ve got to run around staring at something’s ass for the next few months I’d rather find that ass pretty darn lovely.

The reason for not being human though is more tied to my enjoyment of the game. Warcraft is a fantasy. It’s about the fantastical. Humans are not fantastical. They’re humans. Been there, seen that. So although human’s have a nice ass… I wanted the fantastic.

Guildie listened to my explaination.. and then he and another (male) guildie tried to convince me that if only for the end-game, I should roll a human instead. In their opinion, the faction bonus that humans get far outweighs the aesthetics.

I considered their words.. and then made a Draenei. From my understanding, faction is more of an end-end-game thing. Since my goal is to achieve level 58+ and start playing in Outlands, I don’t think faction figures into it. It may be that after I get into Outland’s I’ll wish I would have gone with the human.. but future pain/suffering does not disuade me from my current fantastical and aesthetic dream. And even with a tail, Draenei gals have a nice ass.

Edith (a fellow guildie) rolled up a new Draenei Shaman, Chablis, to play with Tatia. Last night we started at about level 6 1/2. At about level 10, Grimr (another guildie) ran his gnome Warrior, Bankenstein, over to us all the way from Westfall.

I’ve never played with a gnome before.. much less a gnome warrior. Bankenstein is scary fast.. and is kicking serious mob butt.

Even before Bankenstein arrived the mobs were aggro-ing on Chablis. So I would strike-strike-strike-then heal Chablis. With the addition of Bankenstein in most cases the critters are dead just after I judge my first seal, but before I apply my second seal. So a lot of my time was spent skinning the last mob.. and then running up and healing the other two. I don’t mind the role.

Tatia dinged 11 and we stopped playing at about 11 1/2.

We’re still following the 1-20-Draenei Strategy guide. So far it’s been very easy to follow with only a couple of minor errors (which I’m noting and will send back to the author). The only time we’ve had a problem with it is when we were standing in Stillpine Hold and it directed us to run away from the hold to complete another quest instead of just completing the two quests in town (we completed the two quests in town and will run out of town the next time we play). Leveling has been easy with a minimal amount of “grinding”. Chablis commented that it was nice that it minimized the backtracking.

3 thoughts on “To be (human) or not to be (human)

  1. Personally, I like Orc butt, but I like meat on my toons, probably because I have a bit of meat myself 🙂

    Those Dranaei look weird when I run across ’em… I seem to see more Blood Elves than Dranaei as well so when I se them, they really stand out.

    I agree on the whole premise of “why go human?” when I’m already human… been there, done that, got the T-shirt!

    I’ve been playing my Blood Elf Pally a bit recently, got her up to 13 from 10, but haven’t done any partying with her. I’m not very good at healing myself while I fight yet but I’ve been doing well enough that at least I can do the divine protection thing and run away.

    It also helps that I twinked up my lvl 8-10 equipment for this toon, putting a +100 health enchant on the chest and a +4 or so damage on the 2h, plus extra stamina or strength on the boots and gloves. Giving a noob toon some white equipment with these enchants means they can level up fast yet still give the equipment back for another lowbie toon to use later on.

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  2. Oh, don’t get me wrong, when it comes to “dead sexy-ness” the Blood Elves win hands down.

    The goal is to have a toon 58+ to go play in Outlands with Fiancee and the rest of the West Kingdom guild. WK Guild is Alliance.. so the choice had to be an alliance race. Given that I’d decided my speed-leveling toon was going to be a Paladin my choices were Human, Dwarf and Draenei.

  3. “when it comes to “dead sexy-nessâ€? the Blood Elves win hands down”

    I’m feeling a little weird about how pretty the Blood Elves are. No, not how pretty… but how skinny yet shapely they are. I’ve got a growing stable of Blood Elves and after playing them a bit, I switch over to my Night Elf and think, “Man, she’s fat.” And the NEs are sooo not fat – they’re very fit thank-you-very-much, but compared to the impossibly super-model thinness of the BEs, they look thick and meaty.

    I guess I’m lamenting the solution I’d been hoping for. Most all my toons were Alliance (because they were prettier) before I got intoxicated with AV. Then I endeavored to level up a Horde toon. I got two (female orcs) to around level 20 before the expansion came out. Futzing around with BC stuff, I hadn’t revisited them in a while… and found myself far less willing to continue leveling them up. I’ve re-rolled their classes as BEs, happy to at last have pretty Horde. Before the expansion, most the races had female toons that (excepting the ubiquitous presence of huge bazooms) were shapely in a ‘fit’ sort of way. They had meat on their thighs, slender waists, and nice asses. Enter the Blood Elves… dainty little things with figures that would give Barbie(tm) a complex/eating-disorder. They have fabulous asses and huge tits coupled with waif arms and legs. I saw my BE standing next between an Undead and a goblin waiting for the blimp and noted first, how pretty she was, and second, how her limbs didn’t appear to have room for the muscles needed to wield her weapons. Okay, so having that come to mind looking at an Undead (who often simply DON’T have the muscles needed to weild their weapons) may seem a bit silly. ;P I guess I’m overthinking this element of the fantasy game I’m playing… but feeling the faint sadness of an innocence lost now that there’s a pretty race without an ounce of padding on their thighs.

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