Furlbogs and Paladins

It seems to me.. once you finish the “learn the Furlbog’s language” totem questline in Draenei-land.. you really should have “Furlbog 300/300” listed under your language skills. It may never be used again. But it would be a fun reminder of what I view as the most entertaining quest I’ve done in the game.

Tatia dinged 14 last night with 11 total hours of play.

I completed the Draenei Paladin quest. Summary: Go visit Jol in Exodar. Jol give you a book. Read the book. Talk to Jol again. Jol give you a resurrection device. You run to the Bristlethorn village just inside of Bloodmyst Isle and resurrect a Juvenile Stillpine Furlbog. Juvenile Stillpine Furlbog jumps to his feet and says “I run now” (I sorta wonder if I’d’ve been able to understand him if I hadn’t finished the Furlbog language quests the night before). Return to Jol and turn in quest. Jol gives you the ability to resurrect.

It was a quest.. and it was less disturbing than the Blood Elf Paladin quest (light a fire, kill a guy, steal life energies from a captive Naaru *!!*, use energies to resurrect the elf you killed (who is now conveniently in a nearby Inn)) but netted the same results.

Yesterday was all solo questing. This meant that I actually had a chance to hit the critters and use seals/judgements. I had a “swift slap to forehead” moment when I realized I could judge Seal of Righteousness multiple times in a fight without losing the “Judgement of the Crusader” debuff on the mob. For some reason I’d gotten it in my head that if I judged the scond seal I’d loose the debuff *sigh*.

Fight sequence:
Cast Seal of the Crusader – Attack – cast Judgement (at this point the mob has the judgement of the crusader debuff. This increases all holy damage to the mob. The debuff lasts 10 seconds but renews everytime you hit them)
cast Seal of Righteousness (now all my attacks generate holy damage in addition to my white damage and the debuff adds to the holy damage)
At this point, before my “swift slap to forehead” moment, I would stand toe-to-toe with them and beat on them until Seal of Righteousness ran out.. then recast Seal of Righteousness.

New plan:
When cooldown for Judgement runs out, cast Judgement (this causes Judgement of Righteousness which causes an additional burst of holy damage)(so mob takes damage from -this- holy damage AND from the debuff that’s still on them)
cast Seal of Righteousness, beat on mobs and wait for Judgement to cool down again.

After I figured that out fights got a little shorter.

I also figured out that you can “Lay on Hands” to yourself while running away. Being out of mana is ok if it means that you can stay alive long enough to run away from the mobs.