(Slightly Gimped) Mad Machine of Paladin AoE Goodness

Last night, West Kingdom guild night, some of my guild mates offered to run a couple of instances with the guild’s lowbies (level ~20). Just as we were starting two of the other lowbies had to log off.. so it was just me Tatia (level ~18), Bankenstein (warrior level ~17) and Klee (hunter level 44).

We ran through Blackfathom Deeps and then Deadmines. Mostly I concentrated on healing.. getting my occational plink in when Klee pulled a single mob out of a group for the lowbies to play with. Klee died once. He ran out of sight while body aggro-ing a bunch of mobs and I couldn’t get to him fast enough to heal him. On Ventrillo Klee said that he was used to clearing that instance with a much higher toon. I did get to demonstrate my rad skillz at rezz. 🙂 **

** On a mostly unrelated topic.. what pronoun should you use when refering to a male person playing female toon?
“Klee ran out of sight. She died before I could heal her. On Ventrillo Klee said that he was used to playing a much higher level toon” It just sounds weird. Even though it’s more technically correct.

Tatia picked up [item]Smite’s Mighty Hammer[/item], [item]Tortoise Armor[/item], [item]Cape of the Brotherhood[/item], [item]Lavishly Jeweled Ring[/item], [item]Raider’s Boots[/item] of the Bear(+3 Stamina, +3 Strength), [item]Chausses of Westfall[/item] and various other greens. I also picked up various bling for my family of lowbies. They’re all getting presents in the mail. By the end of the night I’d dinged 20 1/2. It was a very good run.


Tatia is spec’d Protection. I have stars in my eyes from the last video I posted and I -so- want to be able to do that. That means Protection spec.

World of Warcraft Forums: Guide to Prot Spec Leveling and AoE Hotspots!
and a Level 35 Protection Spec Build

If I understand it correctly, the spec works this way:

– Damage to me from mobs hitting me is reduced and almost eliminated (Redoubt, Toughness, {Shield Specialization(lvl 21-22)}, {Improved Righteous Fury(lvl 21-22)}, {Blessing of Sanctuary(lvl 29-30)})
– When the mobs hit me and I block they take damage ({Blessing of Sanctuary(lvl 29-30)}, {Shield Spikes(lvl 30)})
– When the mobs hit me they take damage (Retribution Aura)
– When I hit a mob they take additional holy damage and I possibly get additional attacks(Precision, Reckoning)
– When I hit a mob I heal myself ({Seal of Light(lvl 30)})
– Occationally I can AoE all the mobs for more damage (Consecrate)

So at level 20 I’m a slightly gimped Mad Machine of Paladin AoE Death. I’m hard to hit and block lots of damage.. and when they hit me they take damage. I get to hit them and have added holy damage.. and I have a chance to get additional hits for additional damage…

But I’m not healing myself. At the moment, since I don’t have “Blessing of Sanctuary” I’m instead using “Blessing of Wisdom” and regenerating my mana. So I can heal myself. It looks like I’ll get un-gimped at level 30.

What does “proc” mean? I keep seeing that and I don’t know what it is.

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  1. LOL I know what you mean about the whole ‘gender’ thing online.

    I’ve decided to just stick with the toon gender and not really worry too much about the real gender. That being said, I let people know I’m doing that as I get to know them so they don’t get weird on me. It doesn’t matter to me whether you’re male or female IRL anyway… I’m here to play, not to find a date 😉

    BTW, not wanting to be an annoying tard, but when you talk about a dungeon, it’s an “instance”, and pluralized, it’s “instances” 🙂 Instant is a bit different 🙂

    WoWGrrl player blog

  2. I honestly don’t know why I was so hung up on the gender thing.. I think it’s because Klee might read this entry and I didn’t want to offend him. 🙂

    WRT: Instant vs Instance
    Fair enough. I’ve corrected the spelling in the post.

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