Blessings of the Light be upon you and your household!

On this, the first day of Spring do I, Tatia late of Exodar, send to you fond greetings from the golden fields of Westfall. It is with great excitement that I share my latest doings.

As you know, not long ago I awakened from cryogenic sleep in the fields of Azuremyst Isle. Upon my awakening, and with the urging of my elders, I set out to help cleanse the land of the taint put upon it by the ruptured crystals from the Exodar. I had the great pleasure to meet and befriend natives of this new land. They were of invaluable help in our efforts.

At the urgings of my new friends, natives of Azeroth, I made a pilgrimage across this land and explored the lands of Darkshore, Teldrassil, and Ashenvale. At their further urgings I made the long voyage to the East Kingdom. From there I treked across Southshore and Loch Modan to the great Dwarven city of Ironforge and then finally (using the curious gnomish invention of the “tram”) I was able to visit the city of Stormwind. We are truly blessed to find sanctuary in such a rich and diverse world.

While in the city of Stormwind I met Duthorian Rall, a noble of their clergy. At his urging I traveled to Westfall to check on the health and wellfare of Daphne Stillwell (her husband has been away for some time fighting the scourge of this great land).

While I visited with Daphne she was assailed by waves of foul Defias bandits. Through the grace of the light and the help of one of my new Azerothian friends, Baldwyne (a holy warrior of great skill and renown), we were able to fight off the foul attackers and guarantee Daphne’s safety.

Assured of her continue’d safety, Daphne charged me to return to Stormwind and give news of her good health to Duthorian Rall. On my way across the golden fields of Westfall to the flightmaster I ran afoul of more of the wretched Defias who seem to infest that area. First one, then two attacked me. I easily defeated the first one but, seeing her end near, the second Defias thug fled like a coward. She ran away screaming like a wounded bunny and sent back to me FOUR of her foul bretheren. Besieged I fought valiantly. In truth I think is is only my youth that caused me anxiety. As a noble warrior of the light I could easily best these five Defias who attacked me but up until now I had never had cause to test my resiliance.

Gaining control of my emotions I prayed to the Light and blasted them with holy energy. On and on we fought and in truth I had just decided to pray for Divine Protection and heal myself when out of nowhere a blast of fire hit the Defias. Two then three fireballs joined the first until the five attacking Defias all lay bloodied and dead at my feet.

Relieved I turned to thank my saviors (though in truth I think I would have defeated the Defias. But it’s only polite to thank saviors when they arrive) only to find myself nose-to-tusk with not one, but TWO trolls. Large, green, tusked trolls. My blood froze and my limbs grew stiff.

My new Azerothian friends had regaled me with tales of the trolls. Their savagery and ruthlessness seemed truly frightening to a young Draenei. Here I was face-to-tusk with creatures of lore. We stood facing one another for a tense moment. Then I remember that “good manners make friends of enemies” (and I remember the tales of Brin who I’ve heard might be a Tauren in Dwarf-ish disguise!!!) and gestured my thanks to them.

“Tatia thanks you.”

They paused for a moment and then the larger of the two said “KEK” and began laughing uproarously. They both then waved to me cheerfully and loped off into the hills of Westfall.

So I send to you this day.. if you ever run across a Troll… say “KEK” and I believe you have just told him to laugh out loud.

Your servant in the name of the Light,


Tatia dinged 21 last night and finished the first part of the lvl 20 paladin quests. I got the [item]Bastion of Stormwind[/item] though in truth I believe the [item]Arctic Buckler[/item] which Baldwyne had sent me in the mail is a better shield. [Correction: looks like this was picked up in Black Fathom Deeps, not sent in the mail.]

The point is moot though since the next Paladin questline that I’ll be starting will end up with me having the [item]Verigan’s Fist[/item], the “best pally weapon through level 39” which is a two-handed mace. I guess in the meantime (between now and the end of the questline) it’s good to have a great shield.

WRT: proc.

I found this thread “What does proc mean?”. Essential a thing “procs” when it does the thing it says it has a chance to do.

Ie, Tatia has [item]Darkwater Talwar[/item]. That sword can be said to proc when it casts a shadow bolt at the enemy for 25 shadow damage.